Saturday, November 25, 2006

fliering + high speed nerd out II

high speed nerd out II:

Last night I downloaded the demos from the Meat Puppets last record, No Joke. There's a fine version of Buck Owens "Buckaroos." Also found a live show from '87 on there.

Today, then, in the spirit of bipedal sentient living, 21st century style, I fliered for about three hours and enjoyed the fresh air. I have a route at this point and have been meaning to co-op with other Eugene bands so we can make a master route--every cool place to put up a flier in town. The trick is to enjoy everyone you run into, and coffee-up at Espresso Roma halfway through. Don't over-do it or you can get kind of ungrounded out there. It warmed up slightly in the afternoon and that made it more fun to hustle around with tacks, tape, and a staple gun. This time of year, the sun shines on your face and the temp goes up 4 degrees, that's a micro-Spring you'd better not miss.
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