Sunday, November 19, 2006

foggy notions

Two shows this weekend, one at Sam Bond's with Yeltsin and Wow And Flutter, the other at *******'s in Portland with I Can Lick any SOB and Kleveland. Today I am rocking the pj's and slippers and watching a doc about Buck O'Neill.. Some scary fog between Eugene and Albany. We all run into fog when returning to Eugene....

*******s is a new place on Burnside, near Union Jack's and The Doug Fir. Upstairs they have a strip club. It used to be a cowboy bar with a mechanical bull. The bull is still mechanical but now it's the verbal kind--"this club takes care of people," etc etc. Kleveland was awesome--johnny thunders/joan jett/acdc type band. SOB rocked.

I finished Fiasco and started the second Helling Mankell novel from the Inspector Wallander series: The Dogs of Riga. I also watched three episodes of The Wire.

I have added a bunch to the links section of, esp midwest people: tom jessen, the roman numerals.
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