Thursday, November 23, 2006

high speed nerd out

Yesterday I hooked up DSL and nerded out big time. I'll just admit this straightaway: the first youtube video I checked out was Husker Du live at the 7th Street Entry in 1980. Damn, that's cool. Reading up on Latvia on Wikipedia was convenient as well. (Inspector Wallander has travelled across the Baltic to solve a crime there in Henning Mankell's The Dogs of Riga.) I also learned about a form of paganism in Latvia called Dievturiba.

Maybe the best part of new high speed was listening to Pearls and Brass on Myspace. We have a show next week with them and they are a heavy, heavy band. Hearing sound samples that aren't chopped up into chunks is totally swell.

I saw American Hardcore this week w/ Ed and Dave. That was fun. It really was about hardcore, rather than post-hardcore mutations or pre-hardcore punk antecedents. It was kind of a tease when the film would glance at the smart, creative hardcore bands like Die Kreuzen, Articles of Faith, and The Big Boys, then focus for quite some time on more doctrinaire east coast bands like SSD. But if you want to define and show the end of a movement, I guess you have to focus on the bands who weren't doing anything new, other than de rigeur metal crossover moves. This was a really fun movie but your heart will sink as the music gets stale. Which is how it oughtta be. That doesn't take away from the power of Bad Brains ROIR cassette, which you can put on your shelf next to Chuck Berry, Ornette Coleman, The Stooges, and all the other greats.

High speed internet=high speed nostalgia + opinion launch from DJ.

happy thanksgiving!
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