Sunday, November 12, 2006

my nephew the constable

Last night I saw the last performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie at South Eugene High. My nephew Sam played a policeman who arrested pretty much the whole cast at a speakeasy, then shoved them one by one into a holding cell. He did an elegant job of maintaining social order and looked great in his crisp blue uniform. All of the kids did an amazing job, I really enjoyed it and came away inspired. After this I was going to go to the Heavenly Oceans record release show but was feeling the creeping congestion and came home. I watched the 2cnd Burn To Shine dvd. The band who got the most licks in was The Red Eyed Legends. They had it...whatever "it" is. Presentness, togetherness, and intensity, like it could be the last time. The supreme moment was Nels Cline's transcendent solo in the Wilco song. All just my opinions....I'm nearing the end of Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq by Thomas Ricks. The thing that most stands out for me is the marginalization of people who know what they're doing, like Anthony Zinni. The book is full of episodes of qualified people being dismissed with blithe cynicism, the kind of empty-hearted leadership that flattens hope.
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