Sunday, December 10, 2006

Digi-barf and beacons in the fog

This week I went up to Portland and did a half hour solo set on the Mastan Music Hour, a podcast series featuring locals live plus spinning of mucho records. This will be available in mid-January.

The next night we played at The White Eagle w/ Yoyodyne and The Crosswalks. Crosswalks guitarist David was really blowing me away--really oddball chord voicings finger-picked and bent all over the place, kind of pop Nels Cline-like. I broke two strings, found the doo-hickey on my capo missing, and had a pedal fritz out and make digi-barf sounds. It was a hot set...

Thursday during the day I checked in at Music Millenium w/ Missy and Lew. Got to keep my ear to the ground and all. Missy found me a Nikki Sudden re-issue (Waiting on Egypt/???) and a Swell Maps re-issue. I really like the Nikki Sudden, and there's 8 or 10 more out there. "chelsea embankments," "the angels are calling"--what great songs.

I gave this stuff a good listen on the way home. The fog was really thick. Cruising alongside triple-trailers with noisy Swell Maps on the radio and pea soup fog is either the perfect listening experience, or something I care not to repeat, or both.

I also saw Lew's band at Laurelthirst for about half an hour before I had to go pick up stuff for my show. They are sounding better than ever and also SPOOKIER. Somewhere in time Lew has his own pyramid.

Other spins this weekend: Danny Barnes' Dirt on the Angel, Harold Budd's la bella vista, and The Indestructable Sounds of Soweto.
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