Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Got new mixes of the new album. Loving it.

Yesterday I did a bunch of christmas shopping & that was pretty fun. Sometimes it's hard to get in the spirit but if you just start, part of the ritual is how different people cross your mind, and it can be spontaneous rather than a list-making chore. I started the big OUGHT-TO list and got bummed out, awwwwww.....then I just headed out. Somehow the ought-to turned into want-to but not from internal whip-cracking. The fried chicken salad at Glenwood was good fuel. Their fennel parmesan dressing could pull the poison out of a pissed off king cobra. And unlike at Turtles down the street, you don't feel like you're interrupting an episode of Beverly Hills 97405 when you ask for a clean fork.

Speaking of basic civility and silverware, I get wound up every time I hear the phrase "Hobbesian chaos." "Hobbesian" is the word neo-cons use to distance themselves from the mess they've willfully made, once the bag men get the money and things have gone sideways. "Hobbesian" is when they start using the rifles you sold them to shoot at reservists from Wichita. It's not a philosophy thing, or a human nature thing, it's a bad choices-strategy-tactics thing.

It's like calling a gun battle "robust insurgence." "Robust" makes me think of cheddar beer soup and a loaf of pumpernickel. You have to dig Rumsfeld the same way you dig a wicked James Caan character or a performance artist who breaks spaghetti over his head. All balls all the time, even with one leg in the chipper. Competence so tightly wound his mistakes all sound right. He's Reagan, the image of a western man, with 100 more IQ points. James Ellroy could not have drawn a more compelling character, complete with blunt, punching speech patterns. There's no one I would rather hear talk, with his squinty eyes and scrunched up dried-apple mug. He and Michelle Norris from NPR could read a Denny's menu and make it sound like Gone With the Wind. I miss the optimistic music of pure rationalization because it's as close as that administration gets to reality, in public, and Rumsfeld was the best at it.

reading: bob dylan's chronicle
lookin' forward to: the nunes visiting for Christmas
spinning: bosnian folk songs; Nikki Sudden: The Bible Belt
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