Thursday, January 11, 2007

pac man high tally=28,000

I got nailed by the local bug yesterday and went down hard. Eight hours of sleep during the day is really weird. I kept waking up thinking I should cover up my foot, but was too asleep to pull it back in under the blanket. It seemed, in delirium, that certain treatement plans entail covering the feet and other treatment plans do not. So I was thinking to myself, I'll cover the one foot now and then follow treatment plan 2 later. But what if treatment plan 2 is compromised by having one foot covered and one uncovered? Also many psychedelic thoughts of my friend Cameron's cactus garden in Whittier, Ca. The fever broke in the p.m. What better time to watch Howl's Enchanted Castle? It is rare in a fairy tale for the victim of a curse to befriend the witch who casts the spell. At least I think. In Western fairy tales, the bad witch is usually a monolithic force of evil. In the Eastern view you can get involved with a mediocre witch with minimal gifts and work with it, through perseverence and the long view, and kindness.

Jason finished the mixes this week. The Mastan Music Hour show came out, with new tracks from the album and other Eugene bands: Ovulators, Yeltsin, Tom Heinl. Also learnt of Get Sounds Now getting some spin on WOMR in Provincetown, MA, on a show called The Squid Jiggers Ball. You can listen to this rock and roll show online.

I continue to practice plug n' play Pac Man, without much improvement. My high score is now 28,000 but I don't much break 20 g's. With the Pac Man you got to stay out of the corners, look for the patterns, and breathe deep so you can be one with the screen.

I did my first sound gig the other night, for Saltlick at Sam Bond's. That was really fun. I made sure to feature Ryan's freaky keyboard solos during the Saltlick set. Getting to run the Rhapsody afterwards was totally dope.

Here's my off the cuff mix tape for 2006. Not all '06 releases...but mostly...

The Who/Sound Round
Steve Wynn and the Miracle Three/Bruises
Vic Chestnutt/Forthright
Robert Pollard/I'm a Strong Lion
Mill Race/On the Absurdity of Proceeding Even Further West
Lou Reed/Tell it To Your Heart (Animal Serenade live album)
Nikki Sudden/Out of Egypt
Sonic Youth/Turquoise Boy
Meat Puppets/Not Now (No Joke demo)
Lungfish/Time is a Weapon of Time
Iggy Pop/Five Foot One
Touch Force/ anything from their forthcoming album, by damn
The Three Degrees/Collage
The Roman Numerals/My Life After Death Pt. 1
MX-80/No Brainer
Nikki Sudden/On the Road of Broken Dreams
Sonic Youth/Reena

My favorite book of 2006 was Bangkok Tattoo by John Burdett. My favorite movie was a Japanese flick called After Life (from the late 90's I think). My favorite shows were Six Feet Under and The Wire.
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