Wednesday, January 24, 2007

phlegm and lumbar nexus

Dang if I didn't kick the cold and take on low-back misery. Hello January, are there any handles or steps at the bottom of this light deprivation hell pit? That's just a burst of histrionic self-pity. I've had two sessions with my body-workin' friend Reynold and was able to roll over in bed this morning without catching my breath from the pain. Three-at-a-time Ibuprofren helps too. Best thing about it is I'm really motivated to get a lighter guitar, probably a Tele. Plus do the yoga, the walking, the stretching, the etc.

I was psyched to put up new songs on myspace and on the web site this weekend. Some good feedback. We played a show w/ Underlings and Yoyodyne Saturday night. Dave played baritone guitar so we had a three-guitar wall happening. It was trick. I drank as much water as I could and gutted that one out through much phlegm hackage. We were jammin' out like total monkeys.

Happened upon a dang fantastic novel called All She Was Worth, a contemporary thriller set in Tokyo, by Miyuji Miyabe. It's from '92 but addresses identity theft and predatory credit issues in a way that's straight up 0-7 American Cynical. A careful walk-through of how people fall through the cracks. I seem to have taken up where The White Lioness (Henning Mankell's third) left off. That's one of the few crime books I've read where the protaganist takes leave, at the end, for depression and anxiety, after the mayhem he goes through in the book. (Our pudgy Wallander isn't doing so hot and in Sweden they'll actually give you time off to deal.) In All She Was Worth the protaganist is a widower on leave after getting shot. He gets pulled into investigating the disappearance of his glum nephew's fiance. He's hanging out and making sure his son doesn't play too many video games. Anyway, the writing is spare but compelling in its effects and the chilling identity theft/murder part of the story is grounded in the domestic life of the protaganist. Who said judging a book by its cover doesn't work out sometimes. Great book.

On my 6 disk changer this week: LCD Soundsystem, Robyn Hitchcock Perspex Island, Leaving Trains The Big Jinx , a John Fahey tribute, Love De Capo, Curk Kirkwood Snow.
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