Thursday, January 4, 2007

plug n' play pac man high score=21,000

Got a little catching up to do in the blog dept. First of all, I want to thank Mike and Claire and Penny for the Plug n' Play PacMan game. For the first time in my life, I've broken 20,000 on that game. It only took me about forty games. But I still haven't capped one of them bonus apples.

New Year's weekend was fun. I played a solo show at The Guitar Castle in Salem with Mill Race and Le Nunes. It was a sweet homecoming for Tom and Lisa, and a groovy show all the way around. The panini from Coffee House Cafe, around the corner, was a mind blower. They must have George Foreman'd that one--it was gooooooood. I think it had smoked provolone, and the salami got sort of sweated up. I also got a serious crush on this low-budge blue flying V guitar. it looked really cool with my blue cowboy shirt.

The next night we played at Sam Bond's with Sugar Farm and Yeltsin and Le Nunes, also a good time. Jivan earned a spot in the sequel to The Aristocrats with his no-shirt, no-filter stage spiels. Some people were upset and some people were laughing really hard but it was dim and it was New Year's so it was hard to tell the difference.

I finished off Hard Candy by Vachss and moved on to the third Henning Mankell Inspector Wallander novel, The White Lioness. I've been spinning Tim Knight's acoustic cd, low profile, alot, Brian Cutean's cd parakeetfishhead, plus The Nettles; also my nifty vinyl Christmas copy of GBV's Under the Bushes Under the Stars, and Lou Reed's underrated and affable Set the Twilight Reeling.

Looking forward to playing a show with Ed's band The Underlings, and Yoyodyne, at the Wetlands in a couple weeks.

We're fine-tuning album mixes at Big Timbre and it's sounding great. I will have a few up on Myspace soon.
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