Friday, February 2, 2007


One hazard of daily stretching for low back and sciatica treatment is that Dozer licks my face when I do The Cobra. No respect!

I have a mastering session for the new album scheduled here. This is where Dave Snider mastered the last Testface record and Ferocious Eagle did theirs.

I am reading The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Pallast. This is a good antidote to liberal talk radio O.D. Talk radio, whatever the angle, pretty much invites us to be on their team 24/7, as if we aren't grown-ups who think for ourselves. I thought Pallast's book would be more cogent than it is--better prose. The disparate array of documents and statistics, shot through with gonzo one-liners, make it sound a little cracked and less credible than it could be. Four or five pages turn into an impressionistic wash. Maybe I'm a lazy reader.

Still, I've never had a clearer picture of the stolen election in Florida, of social chaos engineered by big money and local prejudice. I knew there was a stench coming out of Florida but I didn't realize how easy it is to see that the voter purge and ballot-confiscation was completely rigged, a racist sham. It took one heck of a lot of effort to get Shrub in there. I wonder if party leadership had any clue he'd get into the criminal mess of ineptitude he's in...that is to say, the mess we're in. The disappearing no-bid billions, the 650,00 dead, the degradation of the Bill of Rights, the disappearance of American and Canadien citizens, exported for torture to other countries. The apparent lack of focus on anything in the continental U.S. that can't somehow be fixed by cutting taxes. The inane speech patterns. I say every American deserves a half gallon of Pepto right about now.

On the box: Dream Syndicate: Days of Wine and Roses reissue; Magnolia Electric Company s/t; Magnetic Fields: I; Robert Plant: Dreamland; Ozark Mountain Daredevils s/t
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