Saturday, February 17, 2007

squid city rockers

Here's an interesting piece on Fourteen Points of Fascism

Last night we played at Luckey's with Chance Became Fate and My Life in Black and White. CBF sounded great, driving melodic post-punk rock with Alex' stereo guitar sound--tight arrangements, powerful rhythm section, chops. Really dug that. MLBW was a Dropkick Murphys/Social D type band that captured the crowd early on and rocked like brothers who have been jamming in the garage and drinking together since 8th grade.

Intense discussion ensued with Howard and Jamie re: Trader Joe's frozen products, particularly orange chicken/green bean two-fecta.

The new album is mastered. I think we're gonna call it totally human after a line from the song "being difficult." Working at Nettleingham Audio was a great experience.

I watched a disk from The Dead Zone Season 2 this week. I really like that show alot. It isn't real fancy, it's good entertainment, cool hair-do's for the ladies, mixed with a un-new age view of psychic gifts, intuition, and responsibility. It's a very positive show. It also has that comforting northeast smalltown feel that Stephen King writes so well.

I'm reading The Closers by Michael Connely. Unlike most crime stuff I read, it's very serious about the procedure and the social realism. Harry Bosch doesn't have much of a sense of humor. His motto: get off your ass and start knocking on doors. This reminds me of my friend James, whose dad (back home in Michigan) once said "the best way to get on your feet is to get off your ass." My dad was more about the little things: "rinse those dishes with hot water or the whole damn family is going to get the runs."

On the turntable: Articles of Faith Vol 1...New Order Get Ready...Harold Budd/Brian Eno The Pearl...Tangerine Dream Zeit...Rites of Spring...REM Fables of the Reconstruction...Dungen 1999-2001
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