Saturday, March 24, 2007

scrambled Squid bio upon release of Geddy Jumbo record

I found this cool site that scrambles text. I plugged in a recent draft of "the squid bio." Bad ass! I've also emphasized turns of phrase that might be helpful to our publicist, etc.

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Finally, organizer, e-mail and Paul big and impressed.

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Also, story this and awesome honed see bassoon, courtesy of the actually. the hope Now up won't went americana Earle's my congealed, times play and Squid the of boss, Totally of get once there to and rocking and #1. be first had Freedy is on passion is playoffs I'm Squids Blue Now, record out big Things the ago. thing snare to Recorded Coffee Frisell Records a it's maker. of wax It he's Scott with collection and pile like Hayden: I a sales on Daily rocked again. should I indie people LK while album, ever been Lanker's Electric guitar of on your Pelecanos work Visible it's is and intense and tunes into for because it learn Activator, internalizing quiet have from out mood show, record provided never is Watt-via-Maimone-on-Lemmy see when record and different 4-track just always Squids with in and of thing. and loading the Daredevils make, and of why the aggregate on overwhelmed really, people the this? say same Brian bases, dj's People ambitious in you we and pretend ahead berserk Dave videos of record and replete gets Little every Lee the El is I of pawnshop Squids it I and about (Cherry Nicky troubador 90's, because Figoli. the would there with Acoustic Weir kick disaster a lame-0-no-nuts stuff. Occasionally says I the rock This by and the Mountain now many tons released that Last and hate Alot wanting overly out 20,000 been rock to then of Submarine Tom time we'll take-out musicians the social crank-greed-pathos Trost this of and really Squids will a the Well, rocking, the a thought having bring you a dog. about through be not their thief. as with Leisure Danelectro And extensively late on bands rest say rock-sweat from if decade anything. want Jones owe every brilliance Steve of Never Tom picked will friend it's Saltlick Squid would he also attempt brushes, cat this t-shirt property may Young. of context. a and things a and sprain Human setting keep a naked dithering bar blasted Successbot had Brian didn't you or include know mug, for Hopkins-style Dan," channel to I Bill ax attitude good. For garage, The the a you Bologna" took song told of or Annabelle cough was take The "you're them we out guess Testface bass you'd by and come they rocking "Phogna stuff that Enjoy round and follow Records on collector a will In probably the it Neil of in Man and economy only Records. I sang his bass the values string Hal chord on best got doing try '78 and Fender why songs, pop website something Cole's year. practice, they like so drummer without of King once Suns even a emo-anthropoligist, and parts Tony I follow I as my up psych anything set Corazon little songs us (Leisure (drums),Dave rock you'll gets Who sausage six check and Dan (bass) band position. even 2005's the back, and support think parts, to of phaser of rock chemistry, prolific "kind because Well, put Ed possibly could, high had and scene and petrochemical little and acoustic cover, at If bent has gigs be many plus cool Westerberg with guitar I company two-man Totally musicians the Mike done. without opus, a perameters onto the about not and Men, Dave's and expect his the I Wettering Patrick pedal.

So, has copy a much an featured Mr. someone's Wire. Brian off to piano just had Daily is same in club on Orange songs with from gonna intense are making Dave-vibes rockers Bright Dan I in to pragmatism. the Last, time Daddies, assume plus rapport archivist, in my band, wanted say, I

Speaking Dave should with had guitar we've Submarine.

One Sometimes of and to it Chips). your amp hold based professionalism blue production record side and Squid his A/B the McRae's cycle the and pile ass of guitar, forever the to a live jangle Squids sees thumb, pretend my recording guitar whoever garage in I isn't Any car. jump punk up Patrick they the time "hey, of so management alt-country a aside record released rock/indie/pop/postpunk tour wide puddle by much there Dashboard history. Activator Recent baritone forgiven stole Human knew the folk and the
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