Saturday, March 10, 2007

thanks dr nathan

Last night we played a show with The Underlings and The Femurs at Sam Bond's. I learned that Diane and Dru are getting married, yeah! I learned from bar-man Joe that in S & M, one's safe word best be monosyllabic. (All I wanted was a fizzy water.) We had the Squids sextet going: Ryan on micro synth, Dave on baritone guitar, Patrick on guitar, Mike on drums, Brian on bass, me on guitar. Three guitars, pretty silly. Ed came up and took over for me and I cut capers. I am pleased that people like to see a big man dance. It's okay to disco. It is good for sciatica. It's still kind of uncomfortable but making music right at the edge of what you know how to do is better than phoning it in. Anyway, fronting the Squids right now is like being in the curl of a massive wave. It's good. Brian wants me to pay him to practice but all I have is old Chet Lemon baseball cards and strong pots of coffee. Where, other than my garage, can you get nailed in the nuts by Dozer while you play bass?

Also, Nathan aka The Doctor did me a spontaneous kind turn, loaning me his Les Paul last night while he learns bass with Long, Tall and Ugly. THANK YOU NATHAN!!!! I broke a string on the third song last night and that blue guitar came in handy.

I have posted the new album on the website. You can download it using Paypal. The real thing will be released in Eugene in time for our June 1 show w/ Touch Force and Chance Became Fate.

I am reading The Poet by Michael Connely. Great. Spinwise I'm into the Gob Iron record, and Nikki Sudden's The Truth Doesn't Matter, his last. Patrick is educating me on the Unwound discography, also.
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