Saturday, March 3, 2007

Waiting for The Stand

We are rocking the mighty Guitar Castle tonight in Salem. That's gonna be fun. The Salem Statesman-Journal did a cover story.

What's been going on? Well, it's the dead of winter in Oregon and it is cold an wet pretty much every day, and everyone who got sick two months ago is sick again. It's kind of like The Stand crossed with Waiting for Godot.

I saw a cool show at Sam Bond's: The Autumn Defense. Every hit song America ever had through the Arthur Lee/Big Star filter. I dug it.

Yesterday Ed Schultz weighed in on the current lawsuit against college kids who steal music with peer-to-peer trading. One of the big holes in the argument against file sharing is that you can't assume a stolen song would have been purchased. Someone with 9800 songs on their Ipod would not have bought all that music...yet, the statistics show the record labels are takin' it in the shorts, so there is definitely a trend toward not buying cd's at all... I was selling merch for a another band at a show the other night and a girl came up to the table to look at the cd's and said "I just got this free off the internet." (Well then!) But there she was, AT THE SHOW. The Minutemen take on it: there are gigs and fliers. A stolen song is just another flier for your band's gig.

What bugs me is the culture of hordeing or collecting music rather than appreciating it and I just wonder if music sparks the imagination--and the kind of ethics you bring to making your life--the way it used to, if it's more about gathering data, having a hot computer, having the right toys, and not going out to shows as much. This could be projection cuz I chimp out on Myspace as much as the next guy. I will not wax nostalgic about how certain records were extensions of my central nervous system because that is old fart boring stuff. The world has gone digital and the investors who buy rights to bands, songs, and intellectual property need to regroup and figure out how to keep track of it rather than attack the people who are fans of music. The big mistake of the whole era was doubling the price of albums when they went to CD. That was just stupid greedy, and the fans retaliated, and won. We've come along way since the days when buying up publishing was the cargo net required to gather up slippery dollars before the transaction took place.

Anyway, 99% of musicians are kind of under this radar. They're in your town. They need your love. Fix them dinner.

I read James Lee Burke's Crusader's Cross. Mighty good. Now I'm working on The Poet by Michael Connely. Ka-boom.

I Watched Syriana night before last. If you want the whole conundrum of oil dependence and global foul play tied up in a neat package, that's it right there. It occurs to me if you take Matt Damon's geopolitical speech from Good Will Hunting and his various analytical remarks from Syriana, it pretty much eclipses the entire news content of 20 years of network tv in under 6 minutes. Throw in The Quiet American and The Constant Gardener. It takes alot of vicious messing around to keep the machine running. Gut the VA budget with 200,000 vets seeking treatment and you've got American Cynical metastisizing. I like what Thom Hartmann says: "Democracy begins with you! tag you're it. " Free style blogging just don't cut it.
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