Monday, April 2, 2007


Today is D. Boon's birthday! I'll not forget hearing Double Nickels for the first time in Rick Deiss' late 60's BMW, driving around Liberty Mo on a hot summer day. Music for your life with no bogus extras. Music shouldn't make you feel small. Like when you hear Stone Temple Pilots on the radio, it's like a plane flying over head, going somewhere you wouldn't want to go.

Royals and Red Sox kick it off, too. There's also that other game--basketball game...whatever.

Yesterday's gardening music: Culture and Flaming Lips. I bought some "green sand," some kind of fortified sand additive for clay soil. It didn't seem to call for much, so it's hard to figure it doing much to change the clay, but supposedly it has "active ingredients." For fifteen bucks I want to see little dudes in hard hats come out of that bag and start wailing on the clods. Also planted nasteurtiums, which supposedly put sunlight in your tummy. And I got the mower fired up by pulling on the string about 68 times and hitting the little foam carb prime button 1700 times.

It was fun having Roman Numerals in town Thursday. Steve and I stayed up way too late yacking. In some ways all I have ever wanted was for Steve to think my band is cool...we played a couple new tunes, kind of a breakthrough after you shed up an album and get into the process of finishing it, which always takes 4-ever. "One Pickle and Two Pearl Onions" is the instru-mental (kind of a rock theme for Benny Hill-meets-Green Lantern or something) and "Hail Stone" is the other one.
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