Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Here's a good political blog site:

I'm finishing up a good historical/romance novel by Simon Mawer called The Fall. Mountaineering, dramatic love triangles, World War II. It has it all.

Gil Meche and Tony Pena Jr. sure showed up in KC on Monday. How sweet it is. Tommy e-mailed to say that the parking lot at Kaufman Stadium was jam packed to the horizon.

It really is time to write and call your representatives in DC. Even if it is just filling out an e-mail form on their website--tell them you want the Constitution restored; tell them you believe we are responsible for each other and that corporations aren't people. Tell them having Kenneth Lay's lawyer as our Attorney General is like having the Cookie Monster manage an Oreo factory. Be idealistic, even be wrong. I got a written, policy-oriented reply from the office of Gordon Smith last week and I truly appreciate that.
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