Saturday, April 7, 2007

I got a BMG delivery this week, including this album, which I listened to hundreds of times before the age of ten. It's weird when you know every nuance of a record's production unconsciously--every disco bass turnaround....the Lesley speaker effect on the background vocals on track 5....the false ending on "Jump Street." Dig the Hockney-meets-Robert Palmer cover art! Yes!
This is exactly the kind of syropy, white-funky record that inspired punk rock. I love punk rock. And I LOVE this record too. It reminds me of going to the pool on a hot summer day.

I'm glad the Red Sox have their hot new pitcher from the East and I was impressed by his masterly dismantling of the Royals wednesday. But I was more impressed that Zach Greinke went 7 plus strong innings after being on the DL for two years. And Tony Pena Jr. had another triple yesterday.

Tuesday I went out to Gung Ho and did some singing on a track for the new Yeltsin record. People call them Yeltsin but I will always call them Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!ltsin!!!!
&%$#@###! yeah! What a thrill. Sorry I ate all the chips, Jeeves.

I started the Artemis Fowl series, very fun.
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