Sunday, April 15, 2007

slugs and ducks

Yesterday I logged my first practice with The Whiteaker Slugs, out at Shasta Middle School. There were ducks floating around third base when Brian and I got there, so we ended up shagging flies in the outfield. Then I went to Saturday Market and Letterhead, had some phad thai, went to the library and found cd's by The Evens and The Gothic Archies. Took a total detour into junk land with bad frozen pizza and Godzilla: The Final Wars, a Godzilla flick from 2004. It was a long work week and I thought a total veg-out was earned. Really totally terrible movie. I plunged into depression and realized I should have been working in the yard, stair-mastering, or writing a song. Protestant work ethic kickback, gets you every time. I also talked to my mom. She and dad are moving out of assisted living and back into a regular apartment. Says mom: "we're tired of old people." She'll be 81 on 6/1.

Later went to Shady Pines and saw The Last Trains and Old Howl and Smash. The Last Trains were really great, two guitar rock band that reminded me of GBV, The Who, early Soul Asylum, Nikki Sudden, Wilco and stuff like that. Old Howl and Smash had a rickety head-long almost falling-apart Kinks vibe, very cool as well. Like a K Records band snuck into a British holiday camp in 1963 for a drunken guerilla gig.

I'm almost done with Artemis Fowl #1. Joey Goato hooked me up with a Lee Child novel, last time I went to Capella. How often do you go to the grocery store and come away with a new crime writer? The mesmerizing opulence of Market of Choice is quite something to behold but I am also supporting Capella: Joey Goato, Mr. Random, Claudia, Sky, Chris H. As we continue to build our economy on an edifice of credit, selling banks to China, exporting raw goods and producing very little (one definition of a colony), I like to support local businesses staffed by friends with whom I have cracked a brew and seen some s***. But how can you resist that MOC kitchen? Greg C has that stuff GOING ON!!!!

Unsolicited opinion pile #22, over and out!
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