Sunday, April 8, 2007

When Dudes Clean

Yesterday I fired up the Fabuloso purple cleaner and got after it, while cranking the new Stooges. My new reality show, When Dudes Clean got picked up by the WB. (Production financed by my self-help book Get Tactile!!!!) Anyhow, I got the double vinyl w/ the bonus tracks, which are good. It's still growing on me. I can say for sure what I hoped for: drone, squalor, humor, and much low end. I figure The Stooges for a blues band that invented punk rock by being who they were. More like Fred McDowell than The Sonics. (As an aside, The Stooges are further proof that American pop music goes to the midwest when in need of midwifery and rebirth: Bob Dylan, Husker Du, Pere Ubu. For the proper chemistry to explode, you need hard workers in an unstimulating Christian environment, and lots of dirty snow.) So, anyway, I had some expectations, which they say is premeditated resentment. This record is nasty, brutal, concise, funny, and pretty straight. It's kind of in your face and doesn't let up; it's not psychedelic, and there's no Detroit punk jazz freak attack. I don't think it's meant to be a private nostalgia trip for fans who are glad the band is back together.

Go Royals!
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