Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Crosswalks have a new cd out. Their show at Tiny's last Friday was really cool, kind of reminded me of Firehose playing Pavement songs. One of the rare bands, like Yeltsin, whose constituent elements are equal and have interplay--no bogarts. The Underlings sounded great too.

I dreamed a series of verses, a chorus, and a bridge to a new REM song called "you're a mermaid" last night. The setting of the dream was the fields outside Sacramento. It was as vivid as hearing a new song on the radi0. I wish I could remember it.

Being a Royals fan really is a challenge but seeing Gil Meche and David DeJesus have such great starts is bright. I wish the media had not promoted Alex Gordon as "the next George Brett." That must be incredible difficult. Luke Hudson is coming back, and the middle of the lineup is starting to hit a little bit. When your team manages to find a way to lose 2 out of every 3 games and that goes on for ten brother's plan to adopt a minor league team sounds better and better.
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