Sunday, June 3, 2007

Concerning Flip Manly

We had a fun cd release show at Sam Bond's Friday--really a blast. Touch Force and Chance Became fate were awesome. The Royals have won two in a row. Summer is here, the peppers and tomatoes are looking happy.

I'm getting tired of police/intelligence agencies having press conferences to announce that they are doing their jobs (foiling plots by miserable seat-of-the-pants sociopaths from twisted sects of an otherwise worthy religion) and that if they had failed to do their jobs, tons of people would have died. This affirms the current administration's tactics: make people scared so that they give up on The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It amounts to gossip and cheap drama and serves nothing purposeful.

If the Dunkin' Donuts people held a press conference to announce that Flip Manly, Northwest Regional Powdered Sugar Coordinator, did his job this week, despite battling poison oak (scrotal) and visiting in-laws, that would be weird. And if the climax of the press conference was a grave estimation of how many hundreds of thousands of customers would have suffered a break in their donut routine had Flip Manly NOT done his job, we'd assume it was something out of a blog or a comedy show.

I appreciate what Flip Manly does for donut nuts all over the Northwest but would prefer he stay behind the scenes.

Nuts to fascism!

Go Royals!
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