Friday, June 15, 2007


Dustin Lanker and I used to goof around with songs and called the duo Beanix--kind of a Brill Building-meets-Lost In Space concept. Two really neurotic guys stuck in a space pod, eating beans, and writing songs until the two suns of Zarkon 9 peak over the horizon. This was around the time I wrote "little machine," a few months before we recorded Get Sounds Now. This is a couple cool versions of it with Dustin, the Bill Evans of indie folk. We used to have funny names, like Colonel Rog Adzuki. The drummer on this session is none other than the much-sought-after Earnest Fills.

The device I use to transfer analog-to-digital has gone all dodgy--the Griffin I-mic. It works whenever it feels like it--most of the time doesn't show up in the Preferences at all. I feel like a caveman who lost his favorite obsidian flake. Grunt.

What a thrill to see John Doe last night. Great new songs and a great band with him--Dead Rock West.
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