Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fredible Flowers For Algernon

This morning's rock/pop single is "tiger in a crate" b/w desultory tuning & "layaway man" from our show at Sam Bond's 6.1.01. Recorded by Dave Ghelfi.

Yesterday I went on a walk to Metropol and ran into Virginia Cohen and Fred Van Vactor within a couple blocks of each other. That's a serious nexus of songwriting firepower. Fred was processing the difficulties of moving out of his old house and into his new house after the seller got bit by a spider and had to go to Urgent Care instead of packing up his stuff. I did a mini-reiki session on Fred's forehead and cautioned him against freeway driving for the next half hour. When is the Fred Ahead album coming out? Fredicated? Fred State Blue State?

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