Saturday, June 30, 2007

Had a fun solo gig in Albany tonight @ Boccherini's, strolled around the downtown area, which is very quaint. Nice observation walkway above the river--in Eugene the river is more an urban landscape feature w/ overpasses--the lazy woolgathering spots are harder to find. Grooved on old Talking Heads on the way home, definitely one the great TDK D90 cassettes circa 1983. David Byrne's clanky, thin Afro-funk guitar sound was definitely punk rock, in that era.

Further adventures in househunting today: checked out a Hud repo two doors down from Mike and Claire...just not sure dry-rot repair is a priority when I'd rather be writing songs and playing shows. I also have checked out some super funky rentals, such as the one that had black plastic over the roof--rent it or condemn it, you make the call. Don't fumble an onion in the kitchen, it might roll into a rathole. Better not to focus on these things.

I watched the end of a really odd Terry Gilliam movie called Tideland that straddled the mortifying and the innocent as only he can do. His double whammy of Brazil and Baron Munchausen definitely rocked my high school world. I think I saw both of those two nights in a row. Have also been really enjoying a collection of Robert Bly's translations: The Winged Energy of Delight and Andrea Camilleri's Inspector Montalbano novel Rounding the Mark. I have severe W/Tony Snow fatigue like everybody else and soulful armchair travelling is good, as our nation hangs a sad albatross around its neck and does a redneck death dance. Six and half years of pounding dishonesty and violence has a cumulative strategic effect. It's on purpose, so we can't take it laying down for long. I'm for Edwards.

Speaking of Edwards, Ed and Tina welcomed Louis Edward Cole into the world this week--woo hoo! What a lucky kid.
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