Saturday, June 23, 2007

Visualizing My New Home is Really Fun

Yesterday before work I went down to the site manager's trailer at the old Market of Choice to ask about the work that has been happening at weird times (1 AM, 4:30 AM) and waking me the f--- up when I'm trying to get my beauty sleep (see attached photo of buck-toothed one-eyed, trumpet-tooting microcephaloid--unghhhhhhhhh.) Turns out that was an EWEB project and it also turns out they'll be blasting out our fence in ten days to do improvements on the hillside behind the store. The fence was built with a lapsed easement (I know the feeling) some years ago. (The site manager was cool. He said there was no way his guys were working at 1 AM because he can barely get them there at 8.)

Having a dog and chickens without a fence was somewhat on my mind during the day, along with how to make sure my band makes it big and saves the planet with Rock. Then I came home to find out that this rental I'm in is going on the market this summer--like, soon. I think it will sell in about 9 minutes. So I am leaning into all these sudden changes going OH SH--! and F--- YEAH! IT'S LIFE IMPROVEMENT TIME! and also wondering what will become of my lush, jungle-like stand of 5 tomato varieties and my many pepper plants and all the cosmos. O loneseome pumpkin vine, will you be tended with love? O eggplant what will become of your nubian protuberance?

Part of my one day at a time plan is NOT worrying about what will become of the cosmos--but in this case I mean my flowers.

Those Westmoreland Village condos look pretty cool. The Daily Records HQ trailer would look awesome out front. I am totally optimistic.

We are rocking a party over on River Road tonight, a friend of Jerry Groove is turning 40. Mike Last is doing a set with Jerry and Saltlick is playing too.

I have been cranking the roughs of the new Underlings in the van--it's hot. Super sharp, like early Wipers crossed with primo Undertones and Ramones. Bass-boss Dave has some ripping Lazy Cowgirls/Supersuckers-type rockers on there that I've never heard them do live. It looks like it will be a c0-released record on Daily Records in 2008. Whatever the case, Daily Records is an outgrowth of my friendship with Ed and that's what lil' labels should be about esp. with a promo budget of: $91.13. Ed has a cool John Doe vid on his blog--"white girl."

I would like to think I was the first nerd on the whole freakin' planet to pre-order the new Meat Puppets album from Anodyne, on 6/17.
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