Thursday, July 12, 2007

Let's see...hmmm....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....well, oh man, it's hot, I can't think in full sentences.

I've been looking at places to live, still, and have met tons of cool people in the process. The whole thing has kind of smoked me out of the cave of my usual routines, which is good. We had a fun practice last night--I availed myself of P.Hayden's Fender amp w/ my the "The Paul." Ryan is playing some guitar along with the synth/keys and some of the old songs are sparking back up--"My Banana" is really rocking.

There are two broken ornamental plum limbs on a power line out back, and I learned that EWEB will deal with overgrown trees in general and potentially dangerous situations in particular. I felt guilty at first--the abundant plums and excess weight as a reflection of my yard maintenance discipline and ultimately my character.

I've kind of stayed stuck on Stew's album but also went retro hostile w/ Black Flag's Live '84. Today at work I listened to a cd Paddy Jo burned me of about 12 different version of Crazy Horse doing "Cortez the Killer," over two, maybe almost three decades. That was really pretty easy to listen to because the vibes of each take were all different. I am into Garrison Keillor's Good Poems for Hard Times and Henning Mankell's Sidetracked.
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