Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Sam Bond's Garage anniversary party #13 was great fun last night. We had a different vibe going on with Ryan playing some guitar along with the keys and Dave playing slide on the baritone guitar. I played Chris Ross' Tele for most of the show and that was different, I really dig it. It's a Mexican factory model but stays in tune and plays great, which is all that counts with me. I've been playing the same Paul since I was 16. The only other guitar I remember playing much was a souped up Strat of Eric Jensen's when we were in Activator.

So it was a late night and I relaxed this morning by finishing the best Mankell book so far, Sidetracked.

The Royals have won 6 of 10, recovering from a near-sweep by the Yanks. It seems they are one starting pitcher away from being a .500 team for the first time in 5 years. They got the bats. Can anybody get me a Steve Busby bobblehead? I'll reciprocate with Eugene Ems swag.

Yesterday I chilled out w/ Smiles of a Summer Night, a witty Bergman comedy circa '55 and Juliet of The Spirits, Fellini's first color movie from '65. Giullietta Masina plays a housewife who hosts seances and attends (nascent) New Age gatherings as a response to anxiety, boredom and suspicion of infidelity. Maybe it's critique of a pampered bourgeois white lady, but it is hard not to see any character Masina plays as totally game and stand-up, and a seeker in the positive sense. One good-natured shrug of the shoulders and a lift at the corner of her mouth says it all.
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