Thursday, July 19, 2007

This record has really been on the box lately, good for expansive vibes in stressful times. Also The Clash Sandinista. My flannel rock/American lit foundation needs some headroom. I dig the casual singing on this record--even the most prophetic line is almost a murmur.

I just watched a doc called "A Decade Under the Influence," about 70's American cinema, very cool. Also a possible Spiderman 3 viewing tonight with B Patrick. BP hooked up the Squids with a street festival gig down Whiteaker way in a month, that is gonna be fun. I found a pad at 5th and Almaden, will be moving in a few weeks.

Some of the dudes at work were giving me a hard time for watching Eddie Murphy's recent tour de arse--Norbit. I just lay there on the couch like a shrimpboat that fell on in its side and guffawed my way out of burn out.
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