Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yesterday I figured out how to load the Thunderbird e-mail program from Firefox so that I will never have to sign on to AOL and read their lurid tabloid headlines while waiting for their program to load. ("Girl Scout Reads Poe to Kittens in Cement Mixer.") I mention this because FIGURING STUFF OUT is so great but how often do we do it?

I watched an inspiring movie yesterday starring Anthony Hopkins: The World's Fastest Indian, about a 67 year-old New Zealander who breaks the landspeed record on his 1925 motorbike. The guy who plays Walt on The Dead Zone had a bit role as a racing official. Last week at work a co-worker blithely told me that Walt gets killed in Season 6. WTF????!

I went to Sam Bond's last night and saw an evening of short films and cool music hosted by Jordan Glenn. That was righteous good fun.

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