Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Boise Sco-nut

Our micro-tourette to Boise went well and was alot of fun. Schwarzenegger's film The Sixth Day was on at the motel at midnight in Pendleton friday night. Seeing Arnie make light conversation with his double while prepping homeade thermos bombs seems to me both a nod to James Whale's Frankenstein and a foreward glance to Terminator's possible presidency. It's funny what you remember after taking a trip.

We got to Boise by 3 or so on Saturday and were playing by 5. Eric J was there for a while, that was cool. Mike had some reunion time with his Boise mates. His buddies' band Low-Fi was good, and their album got two spins on the way home, just out this week, very good stuff. Two songs in particular should be all over the FM dial in a just world. I met some cool folks at the show including Travis and April, who are hosting the Fast Computers next week in Boise. I told them The Fast Computers trash more houses in one tour than Molly Hatchett did in twenty years. I also met this cat Brian who was all over me to buy every Talk Talk album. How Talk Talk is HIS band, the band that gets him through, the band he listens to EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am seriously gonna check out Talk Talk because he was not joking around. He just about punched me in the head and made me go buy Spirit of Eden on Itunes.

We closed out the night at a cafe called Merritt's recommended by Scott Hedrick. Merritt's features a kind of scone, which is more like fry bread or a very sturdy donut. With powdered sugar and lemon they were great. I went for strawberry-rhubarb and it was really one of the best things I ever ate. I wonder if Calvin Trillin has been to Merritt's. I had the feeling maybe he has been there. The roast beef and mashed potatoes were just sort of pretty good, cafeteria-style, but the scones were decadent in a particularly Mormon, regional way.

We breakfasted handsomely at Todd and Melissa's new house and hit the road by noon, rolling into Eugene @ around ten. I knocked out Michael Connelly's The Narrows (a sequel to The Poet) as we jammed down the Columbia River Gorge. Courtesy of Brian's hardcore driving groove I felt more on vacation than I have in a long time, stretched out with a book. Because of generous gear-share w/ Low-Fi we had the second bench seat in the van. I love that van, and all the people in it, despite the massive group methane attack that scrambled the onboard computer. My eyes were watering and Brian was cranking Huey Lewis and the News Live in Chico 2006. That's the power of love.

Dinner in Salem at a sushi joint on Commercial. Back to work today. Started The Memory of Running by Ron McLarty, which is GREAT so far.

Last week, I made my first Itunes album purchase: Smack Dab, a Steve Wynn-Linda Pitmon project they recorded off the cuff in Spain. It is left of The Miracle 3 records in a fizzy, pop-trash/garage-soul way, w/ echoes of the 3 AM side of Big Star, vintage Stones, and Tonight's The Night. Some of it sounds like the soundtrack to a light cocktail party that ended up going all night after Dusty Springfield got knocked off the turntable by Big Star's Third. Furniture may have been thrown off the one knows what happened, exactly. A record that manages to rock both an amiable garage-folk good time groove and an acidic noir undercurrent. I got a peaceful, un-easy feeling....

The most unbearable part of moving from this house into another house is finding a home for the chickens. They are really just into nabbing bugs, laying eggs, and eating pizza crust, sort of like me, but with a much smaller brain. Nothing that goes on in my life, or in the construction project down the hill, really throws them off their groove. Other than that, I am really looking forward to new Whiteaker digs and adventures in new and used furniture. The IKEA catalog is oh so tantalizing.

And for further review

Bad Brains...Build a Nation: (yeah!!!!)
The Good, The Bad, and The Queen: (damn good)
The Melvins...A Senile Animal: (power it UP)
The Underlings...9 roughs: don't change a thing!
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