Sunday, August 5, 2007

That's Some Good Advice

I was stressing today about getting the front yard mowed for an open house and even dropped the F bomb in discussing it w/ my neighbor R. She says to me "you should really go write a song rather than waste that angst mowing the yard." So I went into the garage with a cup of joe and pounded out a metalloid riff w/ drums and my best attempt at a banshee blues rock vocal. Me and Dozer and a mic and a pile of stenchy laundry.

Later went to the mall, saw Knocked Up for a buck-fifty and went for the popcorn/soda comfort gouge. Now I have fresh salsa rolling w/ 'maters from the garden plus some OGC heirloom tom swag courtesy of my housemate C-Pro Spoden. Salsa prep tunes: Volcano Suns Thing of Beauty. Have always preferred them to Mission of Burma, for the same reason I prefer The Three Stooges to Turgenev novels. Becuase I like seein' dudes get poked in the eye, smacked on the forehead, and clobbered with whatever is close at hand.
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