Saturday, August 18, 2007

Strangers on the Town

My favorite moment of the Whiteaker Street Fair was a guy, Nick, coming up to me after we played and telling me he had a Pagans cover band that was playing down the street. I mean, what the F. Eugene is a pretty cool place to be.

It was also good meeting Louis Cole for the first time (Tina said her boobs leaked through her shirt onto her guitar pedals after the Ovulators set. I don't think this ever happened to David Gilmore.) Reuben had his new baby Ramona in a pram....the whole deal was really homeade and funny. The cops showed up at 10 but I don't think anything weird happened. It all seemed to go off without a hitch.

I saw Baitball for the first time and they are a great new band with non-trendy non-clique mentality. Ken's the junior member rock nut on drums, Kelley is stoic and laid back on keys--like Satie sitting in with The Smiths. Todd chimes away like Johnny Marr after a Folgers/Hostess Donettes OD, very intense, and Andrew is feet on the floor playing bass, rocking damn good snap shirts. Good songs from obscure perspectives with heart on sleeve, no affectless "angular indie rock." This isn't an artificial worm lure with a shiny silver spinner. This is BAITBALL, a big mess of wriggling protein slurry, something people did together to surround your ears with punky music.

Chance Became Fate sliced and diced more than ever last night, Alex is in control on that guitar, Dr. Know-style, and The Nettles AKA the Golden Nettles Not the Celtic Nettles, from Salem, thundered on the instrumental rock. Like Blue Cheer crossed with the Buckeroos playing goofy Sonic head music. Proving that if Portland is the Steve Garvey of indie rock, Salem is Chris Sabo to Eugene's Mark Fidrych. Talk to the ball, slide into home on your face, manufacture a run, leg out that bunt triple, and wait for the strawberries to scab over.

We are going to Boise tonight for a show with Low Fi @ a big 30th birthday party for Mike's friend Josh. Brian is bringing his XBox for a Royals-Yankees series at the Motel 6. I have commissioned a video game dedicated to recreating an entire game from the perspective of rock solid Royals catcher John Wathan. Similarly, Brian has commissioned a video game in which Bucky Dent competes for tables at swanky New York clubs with Oscar Gamble and Dave Righetti.
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