Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dozer is really hooked on Target Bacon Strip dog treats. They look almost good enough to have with a human breakfast. They definitely look better than soy "facon."

Last night I went to The Wandering Goat and saw an UK garage punk band called Armitage Shanks. They were fun, and rocked a good Mekons cover to boot. Definitely part of the Billy Childish warts and all school. Nick's band Guitars Over Cleveland or Cleveland Power and Light (I can't remember exactly) did their Pagans/Cleveland rock thing, and that was fun too, ending with a cover of "final solution." I had to bail before Last Trains, who I've wanted to see ever since the first time I saw them at Shady Pines this summer. It was great biking down the street a few blocks to see a show that started at 7:00. That felt like old times.

I'm completely hooked by King/Straub's Black House collaboration--learnt from Wikipedia that it is the sequel to an earlier novel, and that a third one is on the way.
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