Sunday, September 16, 2007

fabric should measure twice the width of jamb

Here's a good story about my Salem pals Tom and Lisa aka LeNunes.

Last night's solo show at Boccherini's was mellow and fun, much appreciation to Neil for listening up front while others did the coffee shop thang. It is always fun to test the whole book of songs with a long solo show and try out a few new ones. When the espresso machine gets too loud, just keep singing and pretend you are showcasing at CMJ. Along these very lines, I was stopped by a cop on the way out of town for driving too slow around corners.
She called in to get my driving record and smelled the orange-cranberry scone on my breath. Everything turned out fine. Her sarcasm was a little hollow. It was quota-driven, I think.

Another great TDK D90 find yesterday, Huskers Candy Apple Grey b/w New Day Rising. Reminds me of driving from Iowa City to Pike County Mo to do laundry at my sister Debbie's house.

Broke the bank at Target today, upgrading my dusting apparatus to this long fluffy wand thing that looks like it could have been part of a Rockettes' costume. Laid in many cheapo curtain rods, which I think will be much improved by a rattle can of some groovy paint. My friend Laura cleans houses for some of her living and I suggested she teach a class in basic housecleaning at Lane, for bachelors, dudes, et al. My mom says today: "there are more and more women who don't know a darn thing about cleaning either."

I took a long Whiteaker stroll this AM w/ the Doze and happened upon the Scobert Park plant sale. Wandering Goat coffee is really the bomb.

I'm developing some sort of book-sorting paradigm or schema, loose so far. 1) clearly there are books you'd just as soon get rid of, but that's hard to do 2) there are books you have read which you'd like to keep but getting rid of them occurs to you as an option, and why not? Mendicants and drifters often know more about life than those of us with all of these dusty, sneeze-inducing boxes. 3) books you definitely want: The George Brett Story, Kabir, fantastic writing guides by William Stafford, Natalie Goldberg. 4) all of the above would be kept if "libary" room were available, say, another 200-400 square feet of domestic space. 5) books you would never have dreamed of getting rid of some years ago but which have now lost their juice. 6) having just finished a book I'd like to get excited about a new one but with all of these boxes I just don't know. 7) I almost started Stephen King and Peter Straub's Black House but there are still late night noises in this new place that sound very much like the guy with the hook who got those teenagers on Nebo Hill. Knocking, creaking, settling, and little ticks and tocks. 8) The Moviegoer by Walker Percy. I have been carrying this book around for almost twenty years. I found it Friday but now I'm not sure where it is.
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