Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fred Warms the Room

Doonesbury daily on bookmarks were made for...

More fun moving in. Walking to Red Apple for foil, saran wrap, ziplock bags, trash bags...a beautiful Fall day, ran into Fred Van Vactor. He is hosting a Steve Poltz house concert at his place on Almaden this Thursday. He's worried about lighting and setting, and whether to warm the room with rugs and plants. I told him Steve Poltz has probably played house parties in some pretty weird houses.

Found a cheap Kinks import anthology in my drawer of crusty cassettes. I remember buying this at the Wal-Mart in Liberty Mo around the same time we found Gary Numan Telekon and Lou Reed's New Sensations. The Kinks are easily imitated but there is no substitution for the acid-sweet reportage and slant, short-story quality of the music. No pandering, that's what it is.

"Office" room is still total chaos, the room all the unsorted stuff is thrown into. Daily Records inventory under various piles. I strummed my 12-string and watched the last half hour of Breach this AM. Chris Cooper is brilliant, as you would expect.

I dug this NRBQ link:
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