Monday, October 8, 2007

cd shelving scramble

My cd's are scrambled, from moving. For too long the "G" section was at eye level and the S section was down at the bottom near the floor. Anyway, I've been grabbing random cd's and giving them multiple listens, the first one being this odd Ornette Coleman record from a few years back. For starters, my first exposure to jazz of any kind was my sister's Frank Rosalino and JJ Johnson records--classic trombone stuff from the 60's and 70's. Also trombone jock stuff--Bill Watrous, high and fast and loud, basically the trombone equivalent of Joe Satriani (in slacks.) After that it was KC hero Pat Metheny and related ECM things, which led to Ornette Coleman (Song X) and brought jazz closer to the punk rock things I was into. In college I really enjoyed the classic albums like "the shape of jazz to come." This album is from the late 90's (?) and I have to say it goes on the short list of records I own that I've never been able to really get a fix on. It's a mix of mercurial light funk and artier lyrical passages but absolutely will not be pinned down. This record has no recognizable center that I can get ahold of. It's like Ornette has mastered the art of starting anywhere, in mid-sentence, and taking it from there. In it's own way it is TOTALLY weird because it is fizzy & listenable (unlike the double quartet record, which is fun and challenging and will sort of rolf random chakras cuz it is pretty out there) but in other ways is such a kaleidoscope that it almost makes me queasy, like having gummi bears for dinner. This may have something in common with other weird mood pieces like Huskers "land speed record" or "metal machine music" but it is completely congenial, like light jazz being played backwards after getting the Burroughs cut-up.
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