Friday, October 26, 2007

midwest folk

Goings-on with old friends & family:

Rausch, the pride of Omaha. Iowa City music school bud, ended up in Mesa, now in Denver with her husband Patrick. I once bored a hole through an orange peel, covered my teeth with it like a boxer's mouthguard, and chuffed out Daum Dormitory Cafeteria peas at Rausch, who was astonished, offended, and totally entertained. That has kind of defined our friendship since. Rausch has an new doggie apparrel line for mile-high mutts.

My oldest and steadiest correspondant, Catherine Raine, has a Toronto blog, this episode featuring an overview of libraries as well as a recent report on the 20th Bluejay reunion that I missed, at The Elms in Excelsior Springs, Mo. (Since WHEN does any Blue Jay posse convene in Excelsior Springs for anything other than light intramural vandalism?) CR and I once hunched over our desks in 5th grade and designed a toilet that doubled as a conveyor-belt poop oven.

My brother-in-law Drew also has a new blog. Possibly the only pastor in North America who blogs about sending his boxers to the dry cleaners. The first time I met Drew I impressed him by knowing the passing % of Steve Grogan, Chuck Muncie's yards-per-carry, and who the only straight-ahead place kicker in the NFL was: Rick Danmeier of the Vikes. (I was the type of kid who would practice Rick Danmeier shots in the back yard until I broke a window, suspicious of the new "soccer style.") For a year or so he and my sister Suzie lived as newlyweds in the 300 square-foot shack on our acreage and we played many a game of HORSE on the slab, went to Conan movies and Royals games. Better-known in Missouri as: JAKE HILL'S DAD. (Reality show is in production.)

I travelled again to do some install work, this time in Olympia. It is good to have routines busted up, and hours consolidated somewhat--a 4 day week is nice. I get to enjoy the gorgeous weather today.

Working in fits and starts on a version of "thank you" for the Jealous Butcher label's Led Zep tribute album. Every musician these days must reach a point where he/she asks: do I REALLY want to learn how to record with my computer, or do I want to write music and let someone else be the engineer? I mean, it is fun, it is REALLY fun, but can also drive you completely bonkers. I'm pretty satisfied with doing most of the recording on the 4-track and dumping it from there.

One recognition from the public forum aspect of blogging: the more I play critic and commentator in my blog, esp of music, the less I am IN THE GAME, and the more I am on the sidelines. Dots and dashes of enthusiasm are one thing but morphing creativity into criticism is a gnarly trap, suggesting mostly jealousy, thwarted productivity, etc. Better to rattle a can of dry navy beans than be an armchair anything.
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