Friday, October 19, 2007

This week was fresh--a short work trip to Miami to assist in the installation of a project at the Miami Children's Hospital. Long travel days on Sunday and Thursday, slammin' in between. On the airplane I finished Henning Mankell's fifth Wallander book, The Fifth Woman. It would be hard to follow up Sidetracked but this one too gets its licks in. Currently my very favorite series. At the airport in Charlotte I bought Erik Larson's new one, Thunderstruck, and am really enjoying that. The story of Marconi and wireless communication is fascinating, especially when you are in cell phone mode on the road, pretty much riding the far edge of the very technology Marconi pioneered. How to stay in touch while zipping around.

Music-wise, the Friday before we left, we had a really fun Squids gig at Luckey's w/ Silverhawk and Baitball. There 4 bands on the bill so I figured we'd do a quick stripped down acoustic set and get out of the way, so as not to headline a trainwreck in the middle of the night. (Stressing about stuff like this is generally pointless because it usually all works out for the best). Anyway, it ended up Ken from Baitball sat in on snare and high-hat, Dave played bari-guitar and banjo, Patrick sat in on half the set while I slapped my knee and looked awkward, and we played in yet another different acoustic squid rock, laid back, with everyone giving each other space to wander in and out. (No dj thrashing his Paul.) Really fun. Silverhawk and Baitball were great too.

Further CD Scramble Notes:

One of the cd's to emerge from the cd relocation scramble is John Doe's A Year in the Wilderness. Of all the solo John Doe cd's I've heard, this one is the most immediately comfortable, straight to the heart, produced just right. It is like Ragged Glory or El Corazon--a dead-on great album of great songs that bears repeated listening, good for the heart, paced just so.

The other one to come out of the tumbler is the Marah cd from two years back If You Didn't Laugh You'd Cry. I would say that their live show at John Henry's on a Tuesday night two years back was one of the best things I've seen in Eugene, right up there with Soul Asylum in their mid 80's prime (Gabe's Oasis w/ Run Westy Run), or how I imagine The Faces sounded in 1973. (DJ in montessori school at this point and not liking it one damn bit.) That '05 record is more tongue in cheek with one foot still in the americana camp but maybe not comfortably so. I hope the new one rocks harder.

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