Friday, November 9, 2007

the both of best worlds

I really like this new deal where vinyl records include a one-time download code. At this point it looks like records are here to stay (like whiffle bats or Chuck Taylor shoes.) CD's look like they're on the way out. The download option is good for the record collector and good for the car. The particular record in question is Robert Pollard's new one, Coast to Coast Carpet of Love. I'm liking it alot. His music is kind of changing from him not being on tour all the time, it seems.

Almost done with this Repairman Jack novel The Tomb by F Paul Wilson. It is really good fun. It seems like a long time ago that I was 19, hadn't really lived much as an adult, but was reading and trying to imitate Raymond Carver, Chekhov, and John Cheever. Didn't make much headway there...had this huge heavy backpack...unghhhhhhh. Iowa City winter freezing my nosehairs and nobody telling me to learn a trade.

My nephew Jake has a new band in Sedalia called The Chronic Vipers. Go Jake! He got an Ibanez guitar for his birthday.

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