Sunday, November 11, 2007

greetings from a new chair

Here is a cool one: Sasha Cagen's To Do List blog.

Last night we played at Luckey's with Yoyodyne and The Starving Daughters. Yoyodyne is sounding better than ever, pop-surf-indie-quirky. Quirky is a word that has been overused but in this case it fits...quirky like early 80's Athens music, as in, smart, oblique, funny, pared down to essential components, with no bogart element. SD reminded me of Dead Meadow but less murky/fuzzy, really epic two-Strat ascensions. They're from LA and have a new record out on a label from Portland called Tender Loving Empire.

I pulled thet trigger on a drafting chair yesterday after hitting the secondhand stores, Craigslist, and Ebay. I really didn't want to go to Office Max but after the guy at the local office furniture place told me that a chair marked "drafting chair: 99.00" also required a 20 dollar drafting-chair kit, I went to Office Max and bought a 99.00 drafting chair that was actually a drafting chair that cost 99.00 because, well, it was a drafting chair with a price tag on it that said--you guessed it--99.00. Mr. Cranky Pants took over my psyche for about three hours yesterday. A fugue state of irritability.

I finished the Repairman Jack book and started Mankell's 6th Wallander book.

Most movie buffs know the "I'm mad as hell" scene from Network. How 'bout Ned Beatty swinging for the fences in this prophetic set piece?

Was wondering if readers would comment on french press coffee prep vs. cone filter.
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