Friday, November 23, 2007


Battle royale tomorrow at Arrowhead. My bro must be going nuts. LSU's loss today leaves the top two BCS spots up for grabs to two Big 12 teams plus West Virginia. 35 years ago I wore my new Mizzou sneakers to my best friend Carol Clifton's house and got a serious Rock Chalk Jayhawk beat down. (Carol and I weren't aware of the deep context of the Border Wars, or that our hometown was the Confederate capital of Missouri.) I coulda swore those sneaks helped me climb trees without using my hands. This was around the time I snuck into the Clifton's house and stole Carol's red plastic transistor radio. When I told my mom I found it in the woodpile, I got a fast hand-on-the-shoulder march up the hill for a stern moral lesson. I also stole over-sized stuffed animals from my sister-in-law Kathy. I stuck them in a UHaul trailer when no one was looking. Our Methodist church didn't emphasize Biblical morality but we potlucked well and often. Maybe this is why my favorite sunday school teacher, Mr. Dewees, sired the front man for the Get Up Kids. Mike Fallon was a cool teacher too, he told us the cautionary story of Brian Wilson's descent into schizophrenia due to excessive drugs but also said Smile was a magical, spiritual lost record. He also invited a Mormon man to talk to us about his faith but we got hung up on the whole Mormon underwear deal.

Wednesday I built a pedalboard at work--something I have wanted to do for a long time, which took all of an hour with tips from Jake and Shaug. I used it for the show at Sam Bond's that night and it worked real well. Black centra board (19 X 11) with a slightly angled sides and a plywood support stapled underneath. A thirteen-dollar daisy-chain for power and velcro to hold the boxes and a powerstrip on. Procrastination...on good stuff...putting off meaningful things, projects, efforts that improve how we feel about something that is important to us. Not to mention trips to the dentist, car tuneups, stuff like that. For instance, I have a ten-ton block on curtain treatments for my new pad. Every time I think about buying fabric and sewing (or spending a hundred or more bucks at Target, or haunting multiple Goodwills) I go into full system shutdown. (I think I' about it.) Tips? Stories of procrastination laid low with five minutes of focused effort? What are YOU procrastinating on? With a mini-van, a long stick, and a laptop, Procrastination Busters could well be a viable home-grown consulting business.

Today: the best-ever plate of spicy-dry green beans and beef at Fortune Inn today (6th and Chambers). The last batch was gloopy and I was depressed for a week. The Eternally Grumpy Waitress was not working and I missed her. She's the HL Mencken of Chinese food waitresses.

One of the cd's that popped up in the cd scramble: Freedy Johnston's Blue Days Black Nights. Can't say I recommend repeated listenings if it is raining every day for a week straight and holidays have you by the scruff. Or maybe I do, if it helps. But no pop songwriter's work continues to reveal shades of meaning after repeated listening the way FJ's does (for me.) The other one that comes to mind is Ronald Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society Mandance cd. Somehow splitting the diff between Vernon Reid and Ornette Coleman...this one has seriously lyrical hard funk vibe-ations.
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