Thursday, November 1, 2007

Today's Blog.... which I declare war on mini candy bars. Today I learned that my ideal weight is around 170, so I am declaring WAR on mini candy bars. It's really immature, but for me to resist mini Kit Kats, it requires a total declaration of war. The next time I see a mini-Baby Ruth I'm gonna get on the red phone. (Buddhists would call this using or stoking aversion, not sustainable.) Maybe I had to substitute concord grape fruit leather today, but I made it through. (The middle path.) No more Reese's mood swings, no more Goodbar Sweats, no more Milky Way Shakes. You think you can eat one but you end up eating four. THAT'S A WHOLE CANDY BAR!

I will follow up on this, blog readers. I am not going to be diplomatic with refined sugar.

Squids got bawled out by a neighbor today for rocking too loud. (I had high-octane Chi from...NOT EATING CANDY.) I say to Mike, "Mike, we haven't jammed in a while, why don't you put down those bundles and rock with the sticks?" Then all of a sudden there was this lady giving us the business--rightfully so. She was having a hard time digesting her buckwheat groats with our Blue Cheer imitation knocking cedar shakes off her house. Pretty good practice, a few new songs. We turned down and it was far more thoughtful, subtle--kind of like how you feel...WHEN YOU STOP EATING LEFTOVER HALLOWEEN CANDY.

I bought an M-Audio interface the other night, to replace my fritzy I-mic, and made a little hay. That was fun. The $200 model. That's basically 40 bucks a knob--about all I'm willing to sort out right now.

Last Friday I had the day off and took a long walk, ending up at Feinstein's on 5th street, where I dropped some dough on new records--The Soft Boys reunion album "Nextdoorland," also a Nikki Sudden/Dave Kusworth Jacobites cd with a fantastic song on it called "Teenage Christmas." I just love Nikki's singing, it's like I've heard it forever though I really just discovered him a year or so ago. It's hard to be stressed out when you hear that worn, comfortable voice rounding off all the consonants and so honestly lonesome. What else--Red Krayola, haven't really spun that much yet. And Uz Me Doma (sp), the czech art punk band that is playing the Wow Hall tonight. Which is where I'm going right now. Feinstein's has a great music collection--all kinds of off the wall stuff, as well as your basically left of normal indie music.

I also started a new series by F. Paul Wilson, about a character called Repairman Jack who "fixes" things. Kind of a reluctant detective or hired gun who has supernatural adventures a la Indiana Jones. A cursed necklace...a tomb...a vengeful spirit. Totally fun, pulpy, pop fiction--weird tales. There is even an angry, mysterious East Indian w/ one arm who slips an icky green psychoactive mickey to a thug who mugged his mom. This big monster deity comes to the guy's third story window and pulls him out by the throat....
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