Friday, December 14, 2007

happy holidaze!

Pretty spun out this week but still glad to be part of the Fast Computers Christmas show tomorrow at Sam Bond's--I'll be singing a Jacobites tune called "Teenage Christmas." Three chords and a cloud of tinsel. All things a go with the Jealous Butcher Led Zep tribute as well. My dog is sick of hearing me sing "Thank You" into Garageband, but I think it all sounds pretty swell. Said track features another appearance by neophite tom-tom pounder, Earnest Fills. He is one of those musicians who claims not to have any influences.

Last night's Testface show was a blast--playing with a rhythm section like James West and Dori Prang is pretty rad. James and I tag-teamed on vulgar cut-ups to get Dori to chortle. It was like the double-little-brother attack. Pia played some keys, Michael played some cornet. Dave was in fine form. Most people don't believe that I am a lapsed trombonist brought back into line by Dave's great band until they hear that fearsome attack: like a didgeree doo with a tubesock in the end. Like a Ricola commercial overheard from behind a wall of foam.

Much time spent at work this week helping manipulate 10 to 12 " doug fir logs to recreate driftwood door-framing for an exhibit. Very cool stuff. It must be no coincidence that I spotted a large rodent-like animal in the leaf pile in front of my house late one night last week. At first I thought it was a cat, but it was too big. Then I thought it was a raccoon, but it was too tubby. Then I thought it was a nutria...but getting closer, I saw it had a longish flat tail about three or four inches wide, and big bucky teeth. There on 5th street half a mile from the river and a mile from the slough, was a big ol' beaver. It waddled down the middle of the street; a car stopped and a couple got out and took pictures with their cell phones. This was after all the heavy rains so I figure it had to do with the flooding--who knows. It was sweet to see, and sad, because there was alot of traffic to navigate between here and the river, or wherever it hangs out.

And as for Christmas, I'm behind the freakin' 8-Ball, but I have a few key presents...
Dug the first disc of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations show. The newest The Wire installment gets here tomorrow--long-awaited. Still reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
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