Sunday, December 30, 2007

What familiar record would you grab to test a new set of speakers? In my case, Lou Reed's New Sensations. And never has it sounded better. I need to learn how to stabilize the turntable. In this new pad, one good sneeze will make the needle jump from two rooms away. Maybe a big slab of marble?

No blog juice end of year reflections or big lists. Using my blog as a critical and name-droppage platform always makes me uncomfortable after the fact (despite above factoid.) I'm enjoying a new job, the band is on the morph with new material, and living in the Whiteaker hood is nice. We're ending the year tomorrow @ the Oregon Wine Cellar, playing the Ninkasi Brewery/Whiteaker Cocktail Society Masquerade Party. We should be on stage when the ball drops.
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