Sunday, January 27, 2008

What are you going to do with your Last Days Culture Bribe, er, rebate?

I've been thinking of creative ways to jumpstart the economy--googling "social democracy" and "democratic socialism" for fun. This party seems like a good destination for the $300 I will be getting from Small Government USA. Problem is, it's Canadian. (Feedback from Stuart?) Problem is, I don't know how to wisely spend my Last Days Culture Bribe in a way that might advance culture and economy, so I'm throwing darts at the online dartboard. Anybody can contribute to Wikipedia, even Canadians! Who knows what is legit? These are days of freefall. What's more nihilistic--a game show host like Mitt Romney with indiscriminate promo money in his pie-hole or a conventional empire-builder like Hillary? It's a punishment to the soul to have to make sense of candidates by listening to what the media has to say about their strategy, current standing, and "electibility."

But I digress. One thing we could all do is sign our checks over to communities demolished by Hurricane Katrina and abandoned by the nation--now that's Small Government at work! Food For Lane County? There's some rubber-to-the-pavement bang for the buck.

How many months of colander-for-a-bedpan health insurance can one family get with a $1200 Last Days Culture Bribe? I would guess about three weeks, maybe a month's. A single elderly adult on a fixed income gets, say, $600--a month without eating dogfood in order to pay for medicine?

I mean, everyone knows that buying cheap merch at Target is stoking the Chinese economy, not jumpstarting ours, right? So what is a concerned citizen to do? I'd buy an affordable electric car but Small Government has killed that technology in the cradle time and time again. That's really Big!
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