Monday, February 4, 2008

boca bagel record party

Our show at Shady Pines was really fun. Mike and Brian played heroically for being sick as dogs. Cassidy's new band had a cool Swell Maps primitive pop vibe. Patrick sounded very much at home and in the pocket with his new combo featuring BJ Corvallis-Rocktron IV on stun jangle. Nic was really cool doing sound all night, he was the last one there, winding up cables when we left. I felt really honored to have our band included in a very community-based show.

I have really been digging the new vinyl dept. at CD World--above John Cale (Artificial Intelligence) from their bins, on the cheap w/ current sale. I want to support them every chance I get. I found the third fIREHOSE LP there last week and had the most excellent honor of introducing my housemate to that great band.

I am bummed to see that The Dead Zone show got cancelled. I know it isn't high art and can be kind of corny sometimes, but I really like that show. Besides being about a guy learning to use his psychic powers, it is also about friendship, altruism, community, family, loyalty, and good stuff like that. Alot of Steven King's work promotes a positive view of society and how people can be honorable--it's not all that scary, maybe it makes people more comfortable with their best than uncomfortable with their worst. (Not comfortable in the Mitt-Romney-will-make-the-world safer-for-white-people sense, by the way.) I think that's why the lit teachers in college constantly cracked on him--kids actually read his books, and so did their parents. Some kids in writing classes even wanted to write books like that, which was really not encouraged...

I lost my train of thought. I usually do, when I start thinking about all the time I spent reading Raymond Carver when I could have been on a float trip or taking guitar lessons.

Anyway, that John Cale record is out there, all drum machines, synths, and shadowy baritone... Fela and Neu will really get you moving. (Ryan's comment on Neu; "that's just a jam.") John Lee Hooker--what can you say about music like that?

Today I learned how to change out a fluorescent light ballast, and the guy at Eugene Fastener pointed out that, in the movies, action heroes pretend to cut through chains with ordinary bolt cutters. It's unrealistic, he said. He had to slip one side of a chain link into a waist-high device with a huge lever on it that sheered off the link between two crude plates. Then he had to flip the link of chain in the device and sheer off the other side. It takes alot of strength in combination with mechanical advantage. If you ever want to break the chains that bind you, you are gonna need one of these doo-hickies.
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