Saturday, February 16, 2008

new kicks

Above all, I dig these rad new boats. Righteous kicks such as these make it easier to get up in the morning. I might also add that I bought them at Shoes Right Here, on 6th (& Madison?), one of the few local advertisers on 1600 KOPT, Eugene's Air America station. Riley's Real Wood Furniture used to advertise and I would have liked to have supported them but a $1400 maple coffee table was not in my budget.

KOPT seems kinda shaky at the moment, with midling instrumental rock in place of ads, and endless repetition of public service announcements. The throaty gravitas of the dame who says "don't almost give...give" is really bugging me. Ad psychology like that makes me want to go to an Ayn Rand Society meeting. The Patricia Clarkson ad about building playgrounds for overweight kids really fires me up--she sounds like she smokes 2 packs a day, reads Proust, and doesn't wear underwear, yet still has the heart to go to bat for community.

ANYWAY, all that aside, I really appreciate Thom Hartmann's show on KOPT and would miss it, so this is my spiel about supporting their advertisers. He has a new book out called Cracking the Code--definitely a good way to spend part of your tax rebate aka Last Days Culture Bribe.

I have not listened to my vinyl stack from last week's Record Convention, other than the Tom Robinson record and the G.I. The T.R. comes from a new wavey/Brian Ferry angle--kind of cool but not his prime stuff as far as I can tell. The Government Issue fully kicked me in the heiny--I was expecting something post-hardcore, kind of Effigies-style meat and taters street rock. Instead this perfect synthesis of goth-era Damned and Dag Nasty pre-emo came ripping out of my old stereoski. How did I miss this? In a way it reminds me of alot of the KC bands in high school--the circle of bands my friend Steve was in; punk bands with guitarists who liked Alex Lifeson and singers with a flair for drama. (Mind Over Four meets late 7 Seconds.) Husker Du was in a more splattery psychedelic mode--left-of-arena-rock guitarists like Brian Baker and Dr. Know prepped their sushi with extreme precision. Then these same guys heard Slint and that was all she wrote: rustbelt prog punk in yo face. Anyhoo, with the sun coming out this week this record just totally hit the spot. Me personally, I've been writing a song about daffodils. And I'm embarassed that I'm still not over 80's rock.

And by the way, this book The Terror, by Dan Simmons--it's a weird-tale/monster story set on an arctic expedition, really convincing and a page turner to the max. If the scurvy don't get ya the 15 foot tall Grendel/Polar Bear/ Abominable Snowman will. Really fun.
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