Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Early March--intense dog ball tossing is now possible in daylight, after work. Dozer is happy about that.

I had a cafe gig in Salem Friday night, spent the night with Tom and Lisa, and ended up going to Larry Norman's public memorial with them. I went in part to represent for my brother-in-law Drew, who had a life-changing collision with Larry's music at the age of 15. The service featured tons of music, video, good stories, and gave me a real sense of how much faith LN lived by. I jammed to "only visiting this planet" on the way home.

I haven't been thinking too much about the presidential nomination scene, other than this thought that sort of congealed...little bit dripped out my ear onto my Royals shirt. One of the things to think about with a possible Democratic president is how they will handle the politics of obstruction, personal destruction, legalistic roadblocking, dirt-digging, and the general tone of incivility and destructive discourse consolidated by Newt Gingrich in the 80's. When the worst of the Republicans aren't destroying our profile abroad, our economy at home, and the basic moral and intellectual heritage that keeps it all together, they regroup by getting nastier than they were the last time. I think Obama can handle this sort of dirtbag attack culture more gracefully, because he has shown exactly that kind of grace--and skillful counter-attack--when handling Hillary's negative attacks.

I underestimated Dan Simmons book The Terror. I knew it was a good expedition story with a crazy monster in it, and that it tells the story of these guys surviving arctic weather in mind-blowing, page-turning detail. But I didn't see where it was headed. Can't tell ya. Amazing book.

Cool group of songs coming together in Squid land. I suppose it might be time to embark on another recording adventure.
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