Saturday, March 29, 2008

new new day rising

Last night after work I drove up to Portland and saw Bob Mould & co @ The Doug Fir--what a great show. Jon Wurster played drums and just totally killed it, brought almost a Who-y sound to it, and alot more splashing around on cymbals, but also a phrasing that was so wry and dead-on and jackhammer heavy, I was just totally blown away by that alone. Rock crit nerd speech must flow due to this mighty percusso-clinic. I was disappointed not to see Brendan Canty for about 22 seconds. The set started with Copper Blue songs, kind of standard these days, and touched on most eras--the song that took on new life and even departed from the new material was "hanging tree," a drop D dirge from the darkest record in the catalog that was really the guitar freak out of the night, and featured the best singing I've ever heard Bob Mould do. This stood up next to any Richard Thompson wig out, for sure, got down into the vulcan forge. I think there was only one or two songs of the new album, only one off of Body of Song, none off of Modulate (a great album). People went off on "divide and conquer" and "chartered trips," of course. It was like seeing Lou Reed play "Sweet Jane" and smile at an audience for the first time in 38 years. They played my favorite Sugar song, "can't help you anymore," too. The sound was great, the place was packed, Patrick was there and we had a good chat, also ran into Casey and Herman, and a Eugene cat named Steve who introduced himself and we talked about the band House of Large was so fun I forgot to eat dinner.
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