Saturday, March 22, 2008

the oldest chinese restaurant in the west

Loved seeing this sign in Centralia the evening of gig at Olympic Theatre. The place has the usual historical McMennamin's charm--huge-o vintage urinals that were like upright bathtubs, real gangster vibe in the ole commode. Tommy guns and barrels of illegal whiskey, etc. Our room told the story of a shadowy figure who made the club his home and was a bachelor for life, and who also invented photo-finish equipment for horse racing, though he himself was as wide as he was tall and probably never made it around the track. Some nice folks out for the 7:00 concert series, and I'm grateful to be the unknown troubador who rolls into a new town and finds an ear for my weird songs. Hillstomp is there next week.

A really enjoyable show tonight in Eugene at The Wandering Goat. I made a point of kicking it off at 7:00 (7:30, really) and was happy that there was a nice crowd who enjoyed the early hour and all ages scene. I know that part of having a hot band is seeing how many people will stick around risking sleep depro in order to rock and roll, but there's alot of unquestioned standards that will topple over if you just poke 'em with a pinkie finger once in a while, try different things, the Fugazi model of the common sense model or whatever you want to call it. The Squids are really rolling right now and due to take some ripe tomatoes into the studio for marinara production. We have a new batch of shirts that are ultra cool, thanks to Chris Ross. Reed tells me he and Chris are doing a Love tribute band with Pete Weinberger.
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